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Punching tool for Lithium foil

Forget about your lithium foil getting stuck to the hollow punch! The ECC-LiPunch is the perfect tool for smoothly punching 18 mm lithium discs for the ECC and PAT series test cells.


  • Highly precise and flat lithium discs
  • 18 mm diameter standard size
  • Other sizes (6 … 20mm) on request
  • Suitable for ECC-Std, ECC-Ref, ECC-Combi, ECC-Air(-Ni), ECC-DEMS, ECC-Press(-DL), ECC-Press-Air(-DL), ECC-Opto-Std (10mm), ECD-nano-DL (10mm), ECD-2-DL (10mm), PAT-Cell, PAT-Cell-Press

Technical Data

  • Cutting diameter 18mm (other dia. on request)
  • 100 mm x 39 mm (lenght x diameter)
  • Weight ca. 670 g