Hands-on seminars

Hands-on seminars

Join our two-day Hands-on Seminars on Li-ion battery testing in Hamburg, Germany

EL-CELL organizes seminars and training in its laboratory to support researchers in effectively exerting our products and to impart knowledge about battery testing. All necessary equipment, tools and materials are available in our laboratory for a successful seminar, but it is also possible for participants to bring their own devices or materials for testing.

All seminars are held by Dr. Matthias Hahn, the Head of Consulting and Development and co-founder of EL-CELL. Matthias has a PhD in physical chemistry and has gained extensive research experience as an electrochemist over 15 years working for Honeywell, Daimler and the Paul-Scherrer-Institute.He offers consulting for customers on the effective use of EL-CELL devices. His practical and easy-to-understand explanations make it easier for seminar participants to enter the subject matter. He is also open to questions which might arise after the seminar.

We offer free hotel reservation and shuttle service between acommodation and the laboratory. In order to registrate, please use the form at the end of this page.

Individual on-site training is offered in addition to the hands-on seminars. Just ask.

Hands-on seminar :


Our two-days seminar covers a broad range of topics beginning with the basics of Li-ion battery testing and ending with advanced electrochemical operando techniques using the latest test equipment from EL-CELL and other leading equipment manufactures in the field. In the hands-on sessions of the seminar, you will build your own battery test cells and run your own electrochemical tests. Both the practical and theoretical sessions will be guided by Matthias Hahn, head of development at EL-CELL. Special emphasis is put on the various failure modes of experimentation, common pitfalls, possible artifacts and on how to identify and avoid them.

Covered topics:

Consultation on the effective use of EL-CELL devices

Li-ion battery introduction: Working principles, terminology, materials used, related technologies (Li-metal batteries, Li-ion capacitators, super capacitators, dual intercalation batteries)

Safety and corrosion issues in the Li-ion research laboratory

Electrode making from powder to sheet

Pros and cons of different test cells (18650 test cell, Coin cells, Pouch cells, Swagelok® cells, Hohsen Corp., PAT-Cell)

Building 2- and 3-electrode PAT-Cells

Testing with PAT-Cells:

Lifetime and CC-CV cycle Tests

Impedance measurements

Cyclic voltammetry

Electrochemical in-situ/ operando techniques:

Experimenting with the PAT-Cell-Opto-10: Visualizing the gradients of electrode potential and lithium concentration

Experimenting with the PAT-Cell-Press: Quantifying the gassing during battery formation

Experimenting with the ECD-3-nano dilatometer: Measuring electrode dilation during charge and discharge

Hands-on seminar dates:

25-26 November 2021

Target audience:

Customers as well as PhD students, battery research novices, career changers from other subjects (maximum 3 participants)

Required educational background:

Chemistry, material sciences, electrochemical basics




Two days (8 hours per day)


Regular registration: 1,300 € / 1,200 € *
PhD students ** : 650 € / 600 €*

*early bird discount (up to 4 weeks in advance)
** confirmation required

Covid-19 info:

EL-CELL is obliged to comply with the corona measures that apply in Hamburg.

In order to participate in our seminar, you must present a valid vaccination or convalescence certificate or a current test certificate (not older than 24 hours, no self-test) at the beginning of the seminar.

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    Special requests on seminar topics

    We may focus on special topics / EL-CELL products besides the described scope of the seminar, if the attendees wish. Just leave us a note.

    Hotel reservation

    EL-CELL GmbH offers to reserve a hotel accommodation (single or double rooms) for you in Hamburg at own travel expenses.

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    Additional remarks, you would like to give (e.g. special diets as vegetarian/vegan).


    Please click below to send a request for registration. You will receive a copy of your request via return email and we will get in touch with you about the registration at the seminar. If you have further questions, you can contact us.


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