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Electrochemical dilatometer

Assembly of the ECD-3-nano electrochemical dilatometer

In this video, you will learn how to assemble an ECD-3 electrochemical dilatometer inside the glove box, how to connect it and finally how to adjust the sensor for testing.

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PAT series

Introduction PAT-Series Part 1

This video introduces the EL-CELL PAT series and shows the core features and benefits.

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Introduction PAT-Series Part 2
The PAT-Core

Learn more about the funcionality and benefits of the PAT-Core, the essential part of every PAT-Cell, as well as assembly procedures.

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Introduction PAT-Series Part 3
The PAT-Cell

Here we explain the different parts of the PAT-Cell and show how to replace them easily

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Introduction PAT-Series Part 4
PAT-Cell assembly in the glove box

See the assembly procedures of the PAT-Core and PAT-Cell in a glovebox environment.

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Introduction PAT-Series Part 5
PAT docking stations and EC-Link testing software

Learn more about our docking stations and how to use the EC-Link software for battery testing.

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Assembly of the ECC-PAT-Core

This video shows the components of the ECC-PAT-Core and assembly procedures.

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Visualizing lithium dendrite growth in a graphite vs lithium metal cell

Using our ECC-Opto-Std test cell, we have placed a strip of graphite next to a lithium metal electrode (having the shape of a semicircle) on top of a glass fiber separator soaked with electrolyte. A sapphire window is placed on top of the assembly. By means of the applied mechanical pressure, the soft glass fiber separator deliberately fills up the gap between the graphite strip and the lithium metal electrode. We call this a side-by-side arrangement, because the two electrodes are placed side-by-side rather than being sandwiched as in a conventional set-up.

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Visualizing the potential gradient in a graphite electrode during electrochemical lithiation

In this video, we show how the ECC-Opto-Std test cell can be used to visualize a potential gradient inside graphite, just by using a standard graphite electrode with a continuous copper foil as the current collector (rather than a holed current collector).

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Visualizing the electrochemical lithiation of a graphite electrode

In this experiment, the ECC-Opto-Std test cell has been used to visualize the color change of a graphite electrode during electrochemical lithiation.

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Assembly of the ECC-Opto-Std

This video shows the general assembly of the test cell ECC-Opto-Std; a test cell for optical and X-ray characterization in the reflective mode.

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How to use the EL-Cut

1280x720px02/2012mp416 MBDownload


How to use the ECC-StopRail

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How to use the ECC-CellLoad

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