Powerful assistance in the glovebox

The PAT-Terminal-1 will significantly simplify your workflow when assembling PAT series test cells in the glovebox. It is an advanced PAT-Channel-1 that can be placed directly in the glovebox and used as a standalone device to perform impedance measurements and other quick functional tests of your test cells. The large display shows all relevant data of the inserted test cell. Check values such as half and full cell voltages and impedances, but also sensor values like pressure, temperature, or applied force immediately after assembly to detect faulty cells right away. Standard errors, such as a forgotten filling with electrolytes, can thus be easily avoided.
The PAT-Terminal-1 is also an invaluable aid in adjusting sensors of in-situ cells, like the force sensor of the PAT-Cell-Force. Of course, it is also a fully equipped test channel with all PStat / GStat / EIS abilities and can be connected as usual to the controller unit of a PAT-Tester-x-8.

Product overview



Fully equipped test channel with PStat / GStat / EIS,  +-7V control voltage, 100 mA current

Can perform cell functionality checks (e.g. impedance) as stand-alone device

Integrated display showing live data of inserted test cell

Can be operated directly in the glovebox.

Can be used as test channel in a PAT-Tester-x-8 setup


Length 164 mm
Height 97 mm
Width 141 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Temperature operation range -20 to + 40 °C
Humidity Non-condensing

Accuracy Contour Plot




Impedance (each channel)


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