Single channel station for one test cell

The PAT-Channel-1 is a fully featured, single channel potentiostat / galvanostat/ impedance analyzer which is operated in conjunction with a PAT-Controller. It has a docking socket for one PAT series test cell and external connectors to connect a test cell of a different type or a separate docking station.

This enables, for example, another docking station with a PAT-Cell to be tested in a temperature cabinet at elevated temperatures, that would otherwise be too high for the tester’s electronics.

Product overview



Fully equipped PStat/GStat/EIS, +-7V control voltage, 100 mA current

PAT docking socket

D-Sub port for active shielded cell cable, I2C bus signals and analog input

USB 2 port for additional sensor data

USB 3 type C port for connection to a PAT-Controller box


Length 164 mm
Height 97 mm
Width 105 mm
Weight 1.3 kg
Temperature operation range -20 to + 40 °C
Humidity Non-condensing

Accuracy Contour Plot




Impedance (each channel)


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