Heat resistant PAT series test cell for up to 200°C

Our PAT series test cell for 2-or 3-electrode testing at elevated temperatures

The PAT-Cell-HT is the new 2- and 3-electrode test cell equipped for high temperatures up to 200°C. To meet the challenges of battery tests at elevated temperatures up to 200°C, we offer a special version of the insulation sleeve. This reusable sleeve is made of PEEK (rather then PP) and is especially useful for the investigation of solid state (ceramic) electrolyte membranes. Just like the standard sleeve, the PEEK sleeve can be equipped with different reference materials such as lithium, sodium or magnesium. The standard current collectors (plungers) complete the PAT-Core. Available plunger materials are aluminum and copper (for single use), or stain­less steel 316L and PEEK (for reuse).

PAT-Cell-HT overview


PAT-series test cell for 2-or 3-electrode testing at elevated temperatures

Continuous operating temperature: up to 200°C

Demountable PEEK insulation sleeve for self-installation

Single-use ring-shaped reference ring and reed contact

Compatible with solid state electrolyte membranes


Compatible PAT docking stations


Recommended PAT-Core configuration

This information can be used as a guide for building test cells of the PAT series. More PAT-Core setups can be found here.

Testing with aprotic high-temperature electrolytes


How to assemble the PEEK insulation sleeves (02/2018)

In this video we will show you how to assemble the PEEK insulation sleeves in a few steps. In contrary to the preassembled single-use insulation sleeve made of PP, the PEEK variant needs to be assembled before each use but has the advantage of reusability.

Recommended docking station


The PAT-Heater-4 is a heated docking station connecting up to 4 PAT-Cell-HT.

Product details

Recommended tools


High precision cutting pliers to eliminate torn and chipped electrode edges. Recommended diameter size for use with the ECC-Ref is 18 mm.

Product details


Punching tool for lithium foil. The recommended size for use with the ECC-Ref is 18 mm.

Product details

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