PAT Test Cells

PAT test cells

Test cells of the PAT series are available in multiple cell design. All PAT-Cells are designed for long-term measurements with three electrodes.


Cableless test cell for high-throughput testing of Li-ion battery materials using the innovative PAT-Core concept.

  • Ability for conducting long-term half cell measurements with three electrodes
  • No need for cleaning or drying cell components due to single-use concept
  • Superior corrosion resistance for next-generation battery chemistries
  • Reproducible and homogeneous mechanical pressure on electrodes

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Advanced PAT series test cell for operando characterization of electrodes using optical methods such as light microscopy or Raman spectroscopy in reflection mode.

  • High cycling stability due to improved sealing concept
  • Electrodes are easily accessible for post-mortem analysis
  • Dedicated sample holders for different electrode arrangements available
  • Cableless cell connection via PAT socket

Product details


Operando test cell for investigating battery materials under defined force, temperature and gas pressure

  • Force adjustment and measurement, 0 to 1500 Newton
  • Built-in temperature, force and gas pressure sensors
  • Cableless connection via PAT socket, with electronic cell tag (PAT-Button)

Product details


Leakproof test cell for measuring gas evolution.

  • PAT-Core design with or without reference electrode
  • Laser welded pressure sensor, 0 to 3 bar abs.
  • Electrode feedthroughs with glass-to-metal seals
Product details


PAT-Cell for in-situ gas analysis in a flow-through set-up

  • PAT series test cell with gas inlet and outlet
  • Lower plungers with perforated plate and with spiral-shaped flow field for optimized plug-flow available.
  • Optional laser-welded pressure sensor, 0 to 3 bar abs.
Product details


Heat resistant PAT series test cell for up to 200°C

  • Continuous operating temperature: up to 200°C
  • Superior corrosion resistance for next-gen battery chemistries
  • Compatible with solid state electrolyte membranes

Product details


Specialized PAT-Cell for testing simultaneously with two reference electrodes.

  • Ability for conducting long-term half cell measurements with two reference electrodes
  • No need for cleaning or drying cell components due to single-use concept

Product details

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