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Separator FS-5P (Freudenberg Viledon FS 2226E + Lydall Solupor 5P09B) Freudenberg Viledon FS 3005-25 Whatman GF/A
Thickness 220µm 25µm 260µm
Material PP fiber/PE membrane PET fiber, Al2O3 Borosilicate glass fiber
Porosity FS: 67%/ 5P: 86% 55% 91%
Wettability Good Good Excellent
Resistance to dendrites Good Poor Modest
Ability for full cell cycle tests Excellent Good Good
Ability for half cell cycle tests (vs. Li) Excellent Poor Modest
Ability for full cell EIS Excellent Excellent Excellent
Ability for half cell EIS Good Poor Good
Order no (sleeve with Li reference) ECC1-00-0210-V/X ECC1-00-0210-A/X ECC1-00-0210-O/X

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